Rush On/Rough Edit

(DJ12006) 12"

Dis-Joint Records is proud to announce the release of its latest 12" Rush On/Rough Edit by San Francisco's Stranger and Shortbus. Fans of the label will recognize the a-side, "Rush On" from the Dis-Jointed Compilation, the b-side is exclusive to the 12".

Both tracks are done in the "disco edit" style, accented with heavy drums and percussion, allowing for maximum rump-shaking on the dancefloor. Both tracks are forward thinking, but have their roots firmly planted in the underground disco sound of the late 70s.

Stranger and Shortbus is a collaboration between Ben Cook (of Rong Records fame) and Cameron Brauman.

Track listing:
a1. Rush On: listen
a2. Bonus Beats: listen

b1. Rough Edit: listen




(DJ12005) 12"

Coppa is label co-owner and Groove Merchant Records head honcho Cool Chris and Ubiquity's Bing Ji Ling.

The A side features the title track which, by the name alone, should immediately place it on the "top shelf" of your record collection. It is a heavily percussive disco edit cut with a nice Brazilian feel and a nasty nasty bassline. A tried and tested dancefloor filler, this one is a must for fans of the Idjut Boys and Chicken Lips. The white label test press is getting heavy play from the likes of Quantic, Mr. Scruff, Nickodemus and Thievery Corporation to name a few.

Side B is a somewhat mellower, dub flavored ditty with nice Latin percussion sprinkled throughout. One listen, and you will understand why this is the perfect track to play if you happen to be spinning an outdoor party in the Caribbean on a hot summer night with a fruity umbrella drink in one hand and a nice, big spliff in the other. (Although, granted, it would be tough to DJ with your hands full)

Track listing:
a1. Cornnuts & Courvoisier: listen

b1. Don't Shrimp: listen




UV / R&B

Dis-Joint Records is proud to announce the release of our first hip hop 12".

As one would expect from the label, the flavor is not your typical dime-a-dozen sound, but rather a unique, left-of-center dance floor banger with an intense, irresistible groove that is both catchy and accessible, yet groundbreaking nonetheless.

The Connoisseurs are L.A. natives now living in the bay area. The quartet is comprised of P.E.A.C.E. (of FREESTYLE FELLOWSHIP fame), and newcomers Deranged and Mawnstr. The beats are provided by N.O. This is the group's debut on wax.

While it is impossible and unfortunate to have to pigeon-hole their sound, the track UV will probably conjure up images of the DFA meeting Can in the dirty south. R&B is not really R & B at all, but a short, mid-tempo treat with chopped drums and a resonating keyboard sound. Comparisons to Eric B and Rakim are inevitable, so let us be the first to say it


Track listing:
a1. UV (Main Mix): listen
a2. UV (Radio): listen
a3. UV (Instrumental): listen

b1. R&B: listen
b2. R&B (Instrumental): listen






This project marks the first CD release for the label after a number of very well received vinyl releases.

Kicking things off is Horace Andy’s Musical Episode, originally released in 1982 on the respected reggae label, Wackie’s. Next up, Dis-Joint recording artists Dub Diablo contribute The Shape Up, a modern cut & paste hip hop edit track. Bush Skank is a collaboration between Groove Merchant/Dis-Joint Record’s Cool Chris and Future Primitive Sound’s Romanowski, aka Exotic Pets. It combines elements of disco, Latin and a touch of ska, giving it a unique dancefloor flavor. Rush On is by San Francisco’s Stranger & Shortbus, a modern disco cut heavy on the percussion. 1979’s Wack Rap is a gem by Solid C, Bobby D and Kool Drop originally released on Wackie’s Records. This is a must for fans of rap from the genre’s inception. Raptivity is also an early rap cut from 1980 recorded by Ronnie Gee, here presented in the preferred instrumental version. Kinky Busstop is a track released in 2000 by Deep Fuzz, another solid percussion laden disco cut. Mellowing things down a bit is a wicked cover of Kool & the Gang’s notoriously funky N.T., as performed by Zap Pow in 1976 and recorded as Lottery Spin. Human Race’s self referencing cut was originally released in 1971 on Florida’s Tiny Gem label. Finally closing out the comp is New Dawn by the Flavournaughts from 1997, a lush, beautiful song that adds a nice finishing touch.


Track listing:
1. Musical Episode – Horace Andy: listen
2. The Shape Up – Dub Diablo: listen
3. Raptivity (instr.) – Ronnie Gee: listen
4. Rush On – Stranger & Shortbus: listen
5. Wack Rap (vers. mix) – Solid C, Bobby D & Kool Drop: listen
6. Bush Skank – Exotic Pets: listen
7. Kinky Busstop – Deep Fuzz: listen
8. Lottery Spin – Zap Pow: listen
9. Human Race – Human Race: listen
10. New Dawn – Flavornaughts:





(DJ002) 12"

Brilliant follow-up to their ground breaking debut 12". Featuring party rockers like "The Shape Up" and "Dream Makers," this release will further solidify their status as one of the most innovative sample based musicians around.

Track listing:

a1. A Lesson in Style: listen
a2. The Shape Up: listen
a3. Identical to None: listen

b1. Robo Dub: listen
b2. Dream Makers: listen
b3. Welcome to My World: listen



(DJ001) 12"

A cut-and-paste edit style instrumental hip hop track with 2 mixes for fans of early Coldcut and Steinski. Both mixes are approx. 10 minutes long and are guaranteed to rock any party. Dub Diablo is DJs Diabolic and Scottomatic, both hailing from Western Mass.

Here is what the press has had to say:

"If you can't feel this, you just can't feel" – URB

"Essential" – XLR8R

"a gorgeous listening experience that's as good in the club as it is in the car."
– SF Guardian.

"A sublime breakbeat 12-inch" – The Fader

"guaranteed to rock the party" – BPM Culture

"the groove is something extraordinary and rarely encountered these days."
– Beikoku (Japan)
(a featured review)


Track listing:
a1. Disco Headache (2000 mix): listen
. Disco Headache ('98 mix): listen



Dedicated to reissuing amazing records and singles from the past with top-notch packaging and artwork. We will give the music and musicians the respect they deserve by preserving their music with the utmost attention to detail.


Ham Hocks and Beans
Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

(RJ7005) 7"

Chuck Womack’s “Ham Hocks and Beans” is as incredibly funky as it is rare. It’s so rare in fact, that some the most hardcore of funk 45 collectors in the world had not even heard of the track when pressed about it. The track made it’s way to Dis-Joint via our friend and fellow soul aficionado Justin Torres, who found the original acetate at one of his usual flea market outings. Upon listening to it, none of us could believe what he had stumbled upon. It’s like a version of King Curtis’ funk classic “Memphis Soul Stew,” but with heavier drums and much funkier bass. Because of it’s obscurity and undeniable quality, we were convinced that the track was unreleased. Not so, according to Chuck Womack himself, now a resident of Arizona. It was released around 1971, but in very limited numbers. He is happy to see his funky gem see the light again some thirty plus years later, and we at Dis-Joint are happy to share it with the rest of the world.

The 7” will include a full-color sleeve designed by label co-owner Chris Veltri and Freddie Anzures from Props.

Track listing:
a1. Ham Hocks and Beans (vocal): listen
. Ham Hocks and Beans (instr): listen



Deloris is Back With Jerome and His Band b/w The Ghetto

(RJ7006) 7"

Soul music in the Bay Area has a history as rich as any place else in the US. From Johnny Otis to Sly Stone, the bay has been on the map since day one. Oakland, however, holds a special place in the hearts of funk fans, as the city’s output in the 60s and 70s includes some of the heaviest pieces ever recorded.

Big Vic Records was one of many independent labels who released some of the most highly sought after funk 45s today. Among these is perhaps one of the rawest funk tracks ever recorded featuring a 13-year old drummer, Deloris Ealy’s “Deloris is Back With Jerome and His Band” released approximately 1973. According to Big Vic Jr., this was recorded in “his bedroom” using a simple reel-to-reel machine. The results are undeniable; Jerome (the drummer) let’s loose on the second half of the song, while Deloris and friend shout out how he’s 13-years old and “fully grown.” Original copies of the 7” have recently exchanged hands for upwards of $1000 on ebay!

As for the B-side, this is an unreleased cover of Donny Hathaway’s classic “The Ghetto” found on one of Big Vic’s reel-to-reel tapes. It is unclear who the band is, but it is a safe bet that Victor Green (aka Big Vic) had his hands all over it.

The 7” will include a full-color sleeve designed by label co-owner Chris Veltri and Freddie Anzures from Props.

Track listing:
a1. Deloris is Back w/ Jerome and His Band: listen
. The Ghetto: listen




(RJ7004) 7" OUT OF PRINT

Re-Joint is proud to reissue the original 1971 7” by funk combo Human Race. The song Human Race was featured as a selection on Dis-Jointed, and now for a limited time, the rare b-side Greyboy (no relation to the Ubiquity Records artist of the same name) has been made available on this 7”. This release features new, exclusive full color artwork designed by the team of Chris Veltri and Freddy Anzures, both of whom are responsible for most of Dis-Joint’s striking cover art. As you would come to expect from Re-Joint, the sound is rough and funky, mellow and beautiful. Liner notes are courtesy of legendary funk collector Dante Carfanga, who gives detailed information on the band.

Track listing:
a1. Human Race – Human Race: listen
. Greyboy– Human Race: listen






Originally a rare "sound library" record, this is the masterwork of one of the leading lights in the field. Nino Nardini (1912-1994) worked with many of the premier sound library labels, leaving behind a vast body of work that stretches many musical boundaries, from electronic to jazz, funk, rock, exotic, and psychedelic. Nino's true genius lies in his ability to blend genres of music that are generally not associated with one another. This style was a precursor to contemporary musical hybrids commonly heard in today's sample based music.
Jungle Obsession theme is one of lush orchestrations with an exotic-Latin feel highlighted with funk, jazz and psychedelic overtones.

"The album is a journey to a fictive land of moog-manipulated aurality and Afro-Amazonian fantasy"
– SF Bay Guardian


Track listing:

a1. Bali Girl: listen
a2. Murmuring Leaves: listen
a3. Mowgli: listen
a4. Bangheera: listen
a5. Creeping Danger: listen
a6. Jungle Spell: listen

b1. Malaysia: listen
b2. White Snake: listen
b3. Sheve Khan: listen
b4. Tropical Call: listen
b5. Jungle Obsession: listen
b6. Jungle Mistery: listen



HORACE ANDY – Musical Episode
Wack Rap

(RJ002) 12" OUT OF PRINT

This release features two very different tracks licensed from the legendary Bronx-based reggae label "Wackie's." Horace Andy's "Musical Episode" (1982) is easily one of the best cuts recorded by this fantastic vocalist, a heavy, sublime rhythm with organ punches carries Andy's voice beautifully and ultimately makes way for the dub that follows. The B-Side "Wack Rap" is anything but wack. It was Wackie's first and only attempt to jump on the rap bandwagon in 1979, and while the track was not a "hit," it has become a hugely collectable party anthem. It was named one of the best hip hop tracks of 1979 in Ego Trip's "Book Of Rap Lists."




(RJ003) 12" OUT OF PRINT

This 12" is a taster from our upcoming Afro-Latin jazz compilation "Jazz Latino." It features two fantastic (and highly collectable) Latin cuts that will tear up any dancefloor. Al Gonzalez's "El Rumbon" was originally released as a 12" on the obscure Disco International label in 1977. It is an eight minute descarga (Latin jam session) style cut that starts off with a huge bassline and then comes crashing down with a heavy percussion and flute to boot! Teodoro Morales contributes three songs from the super obscure Cubanga album released in the early 1960s. Fans of Cal Tjader and Bobby Montez will enjoy these vibe heavy cuts. One track, "Mambo Moderno" is exclusive to this 12" and will not be available on the compilation.

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