Chris Veltri
(aka Cool Chris) is owner of the Groove Merchant record store in San Francisco, California. His shop is given worldwide props as being a Mecca of sorts for DJs, collectors, and fans looking for hard-to-find funk, soul, jazz, afro-beat, Latin, Brazilian, hip-hop, exotica, and unusual vinyl. Chris is also an active DJ who spins at various parties around the bay, including Kojak and Twice as Nice.

Vinnie Esparza is also a staple of the San Francisco DJ scene. He spins at various parties around the city including Loose Booty, Hella Tight, Tasters Choice, Dub Mission, and Soulful Strut. Vinnie was voted "Best Local DJ" in the San Francisco Guardian weekly paper's "Best of the Bay" 2000 edition. He has also received City Search's Editor Award for "Best Local DJ" in 2001, as well as a nomination for "Best Local DJ" in that year's SF Weekly. He was nominated once again in 2003. He has compiled the Loose & Juicy collection for Vanguard Records, Viva CuBop 2 for Ubiquity Records and coordinated the reissue of Bobby Montez's Jungle Fantastique for the label as well.


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